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tequila shrub cocktail recipe

We’ve been a little shrub crazy lately, and today we are going on a bit of an adventure // South of the Boarder meets East of the Atlantic for this delightfully juice-laden tequila cocktail.  // recipe by contributor Travis Baker (@travbo530 instagram) //

Beginning Mandarin
2 oz. Reposado Tequila
.75 oz Fresh Orange Juice
1 oz. Kiwi Mandarin Lime Shrub
.5 oz Simple Syrup
Garnish with fresh orange slice and optional orange slice candy

It is our long-held belief that to truly know a tequila, you should drink the reposado. We think its the perfect balance between the characteristics of the barrel its resting in, and the agave it was distilled from. But that’s just our opinion. An opinion bolstered by a copious amount of tequila consumption over the years. At any rate, for this drink a blanco tequila is too young and vegetal, and an anejo has too much vanilla and oak, so regardless of your opinion on our opinion, a reposado works fantastically well in this cocktail. Trust us.

For this particular drink, the instructions are pretty straightforward, minus making the shrub (Which we’ve discussed before here, but we will give you the goods again, just in case. Keep reading), which isn’t complicated as much as it is time consuming. You may have noticed that this drink uses the same shrub from a previous recipe. Our best guess is that Baker made a bunch of it at once because of it’s time consuming nature, and is using it in a myriad of cocktails. Sidenote…it is imperative that you use fresh squeezed orange juice. That really goes for any juice. Fresh is best. That also goes for milk. And Princes of Bel Air. Anyway… Add all ingredients in your shaker, toss in some ice cubes and shake what your mama gave ya. Fine strain this action over fresh ice, garnish with an orange wheel and drink. Oh- we definitely promote the use of a fine strainer here, otherwise you will have some unwanted pulp from the oj getting all up in your business.

If you missed how to make our Kiwi-Mandarin Shrub in our Shrub Lyfe post, here it is again!

Kiwi-Mandarin Shrub Step by Step knucklehead-proof instructions

You’re going to need the following:

6 kiwis quartered (No need to remove skins)
4 mandarins (also quartered)
1 cup white wine vinegar
1 cup sugar/oleo (We did approximately 50/50.  Mainly because we didn’t make enough oleo and got impatient.  It’s easy to make, but takes time.)

– Put the quartered kiwis and the mandarins in a wide mouth jar or a bowl or something of that nature.
– Add the sugar/oleo-saccharum
– Put a cover on your container and set it off to the side inside your fridge for a day.
– Take this delicious syrup and pour your white wine vinegar over it, straining out the solids.  You may have to pour the mixture over a fine strainer several times in order to get all the sugar through the strainer.  This is totally acceptable.
– You can discard the solids, or use them for something else.  What that may be is really up to you.
– Place your juicy syrup-vinegar combo in a container and seal.  We use large mason jars.  You are free to use whatever container your little heart desires.
– Forget about it for a week.
– Open it up and use it in drinks.  Shrub and club soda is amazing together.
– Thank us.

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