Bottled Winter // Sean Becktel // Rocco’s Seattle Takeover

There is something to be said for simplicity. And while this drink tastes anything but, it’s amazingly simple to construct. Three ingredients, splash o’ soda, and bam! You are on easy street my friend. Becherovka is a spiced liquor from the Czech Republic that tastes like all things winter. Crème Yvette adds a berry essence that is the bridge between the Becherovka and the gin. The smart move here was the addition of the soda water. The bubbles add just enough effervescence to let the wintery notes of juniper, allspice, clove, and cinnamon dance on your tongue and down the hallway of your throat. It’s almost like someone took winter… and bottled it.

Bottled Winter by Sean Becktel
1oz Gin
1oz Creme Yvette
1oz Bechrovka
Fill with club soda.

Put your equal parts of booze in a glass and stir it all up. Strain into a Collins glass and add your soda water. Raise the glass to your lips, consume. Repeat that last part as many times as needed.

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