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We figured a Boston v. Seattle game taking place in Arizona was the perfect time to unleash this Cardamom-anise-nutmeg-banana-pineapple-lime punch from premier cocktail maven Brooke Arthur @b_arthur (instagram) of House Spirits Distillery.

Your Cardamom’s a Banana

1.5 part Krogstad Aquavit
.5 parts Giffard Banana Liqueur
.75 parts Lemon Juice
.5 parts Pineapple Juice
top with Ginger Beer
grate Nutmeg over top

Create as much or as little of this punch using our ratios above. Simply multiply the parts depending on the size of your party.  For the punch in this photo, we used one and half bottles of Aquavit and math from there.  SO!  This is what the ounce breakdown for a punch that fed approximately 14 people (we’ve rounded up 1/2 ounce measurements for party reasons)…

38 ounces Krogstad Aquavit
13 ounces Giffard Banana Liqueur
19 ounces Lemon Juice
13 ounces Pineapple Juice
Top with Ginger Beer (we used close to two bottles of Bundaberg, we suggest doing this to taste)
Grate nutmeg on top

We also threw in lemon wheels and cranberries for visual purposes.  If you’re going this route, we’d put the nutmeg on last.  It rests on the lemon wheels nicely.

A quick note on dilution (nerd alert!)- most of the time you want to add water to a punch to dilute it down the way shaking or stirring a cocktail would do.  We like to use small ice cubes for this, as they will slightly chill and dilute at the same time. Then we (carefully) drop in a large ice block once those have melted, to keep it cold.  In this case, you’re getting some dilution from the ginger beer, so you don’t need as much small ice as *normal.  *Normal means you usually want around 20%



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