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daisy fay rum craft cocktail recipe by jason o'bryan
You can sometimes tell the seasons are changing, just by the cocktails being presented. This one from contributor Jason O’Bryan (@jobryan1206 instagram) of Kettner Exchange (San Diego) and our other favorite booze blog, is one of those drinks that just screams springtime. Rum, lemon, and soda water are the makings of anything delicious and nice weather related. Consider those your foundation blocks for building something amazing. Any cocktail is going to need a sweetener. That’s as much science as it is common sense. Instead of using sugar, O’Bryan travels a little way down the glycemic index and opts for honey. Aside from a lower glycemic index, honey also has the added advantage of tasting like something, rather than just being sweet.

O’Bryan took that one step further and made a lavender-infused honey syrup. Flowery and very much in line with spring being sprung, the honey syrup is very much the star of this show. Amaretto adds a sultry element to this cocktail that balances wonderfully with the citric effervescence of the lemon and the soda. Normally the base spirit is your star, but as previously mentioned, the lavender honey syrup is the star here, and if we’ve learned anything from 1986’s seminal classic ‘Highlander’… There Can Be Only One. The money move by O’Bryan was to use silver rum, which is the snooty way of saying “unaged”. Whenever you age a spirit, be it whiskey, rum, etc., the spirit picks up a ton of flavor and taste from the barrel it rests in. When it’s unaged, you’re basically getting the spirit in its most raw form. Well, most raw after distillation, but that’s a conversation for another day. So with rum, its distilled sugar cane or molasses, depending on the rum. In the Daisy Fay here, the unaged rum is acting almost solely as the backbone for the cocktail. Think of the rum as the funky baseline in a Parliament Funkadelic cocktail song.

Daisy Fay
1.5 oz Silver Rum
.75 oz Lemon Juice
.75 oz Lavender-infused Honey Syrup
.5 oz Luxardo Amaretto
1 oz soda water

Put all your ingredients minus the soda water in your shaker, do as the shakers do, and shake. Add your soda water and strain over fresh ice. Add a good slice of orange and sip happily.

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