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Devil in the Dark // Leroy Thomas // Rocco’s Seattle Takeover

devil in the dark liqueur craft cocktail recipeCaptain Leroy Thomas (@leroyrules instagram) is responsible for this. Blame him for your addiction to decadent deliciousness. This fourth installment from the cool kids at Rocco’s takes you on a caffeinated trip through the cosmos of flavor. Let’s stop talking about this cocktail and boldly go where no blog has gone before…into why it’s good and how to make it. Disaronno is amaretto. Much like certain other Italian digestifs, its name is almost synonymous with its style. Disaronno is amaretto, amaretto isn’t Disaronno. But who cares? Dammit Jim, we’re booze nerds, not magicians. So amaretto- almond liqueur. Kinda sweet. Rich.  …Almondy? Zucca is rhubarb based, and we all know how that’s gonna turn out. Carpano Antica is the granddaddy of Italian vermouth. It sort of tastes like if you put awesome in a bottle and then you opened it and drank it.  Like… if you had some trouble with tribbles, you would drink Antica, and then suddenly you wouldn’t have trouble any more.

The move here is the double bitter without using any bitters. It…doesn’t sound…logical. But it works. Like gettin’ it on with a blue alien. It shouldn’t work, but you know somehow James T. Kirk is gonna pull it off. The muddled coffee beans give an astringent bitter, and the lime juice give an acidic bitter. It’s pretty much bitter warp, Factor 2. And this is super necessary with all the indulgent flavors previously mentioned. You gotsta have your balance. Sorta like how there is the Federation, and there is the Klingon Empire. One needs the other to exist, otherwise there is a flavor vacuum.

To finish it off, Thomas uses a little egg white for some texture and smoothing out. Think about it, with bitter warp at Factor 2, you’re going to need some smoothing out.

Lastly, before we get in to the instructional aspect, we’re pretty sure we referenced Star Trek at least nine times. Not including the name of this bad ass cocktail. You’re welcome Leroy.

Devil in the Dark
1.5 oz Disaronno
.5 oz Zucca
.5 oz Carpano Antica
.5 oz Lime
Egg White
12 muddled Coffee Beans

To make the drink you add the coffee beans and muddle them. Add all other ingredients with ice and shake like yer givin’ her all she’s got. Fine strain out all ice and bean fragments, then shake again, hard. Fine strain once again into cocktail glass. Atop the foam add three coffee beans to form a three sided star. (Looks like a flux capacitor, which is NOT a Star Trek reference, but almost as nerdy.)

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