Even More Robots // Travis Baker // Coin-Op Game Room Sacramento

Everyone knows that robots are bad news. You don’t even need to see the last few Terminator movies to know that. Actually, you don’t need to see the last few Terminator movies for a variety of reasons. Mostly because they aren’t very good. But seriously folks, lets get back to robots and how they’re bad for business. Obviously, they’re going to take our jobs. Everyone knows that. Soon they’ll be taking our women (see Jude Law), and shortly thereafter they will be constructing alternate realities to plug us into while simultaneously feeding off our own expendable energy. At least, that’s how we understand the Matrix to work. Never really did get that whole feeding robots thing… So, mostly, robots are bad. Check. But what about good robots (See Lost in Space, the original…not that garbage with Joey from Friends)? Sure, there can be good robots. No, Siri doesn’t count. You know what does count though? This drink from contributor Travis Baker (@travbo530) from Coin-Op in Sacramento. Let’s nevermind the fact that nothing in the cocktail connotes anything remotely robotic (malicious or otherwise), there isn’t anything vaguely reminiscent of artificial intelligence, and he didn’t even bother to make any sort of H.A.L. reference with his ingredients. The fact of the matter is, the drink is named Even More Robots, and it’s damn good.

This drink comes from a challenge at work to make something new and refreshing without introducing any new ingredients to an already overworked prep staff. Luckily, Baker already had the delicious Strawberry-Basil syrup (see previous post about The Right Touch) at his disposal, so the idea was to reimagine its use. Subbing rum in and adding a few dashes of Peach Bitters isn’t exactly re-inventing that little girl from Small Wonder (epic robot reference…you’re welcome), but nobody complained when Dale Degroff subbed vodka for cognac in a sidecar and added cranberry, did they?

So without having any super crazy ingredients to explain, no artisanal liqueurs to describe, no secret bartending techniques to show, let’s just get down to the brass tacks of this drink: the ingredients:

.75 oz. Strawberry Basil Syrup*
.75 oz Lemon Juice (fresh, always fresh. We aren’t machines! …Yet)
2 oz Plantation 5 yr Rum
2 dash Peach bitters

*For the recipe for the syrup, please see our previous post The Right Touch

Combine all your ingredients in a tin a whip it like our metal masters will soon be doing to their subjugated human slaves. Dump that in a glass and top it off with some more crushed ice. Garnish with a juicy ol’ strawberry.

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