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genever craft cocktail recipe by brian prugalidad

There is a lot to talk about with this cocktail from contributor Brian Prugalidad (@hoyboss instagram). Genever, Galliano, freakin’ yogurt whipped cream?! So let’s break it down into components. Genever- colloquially referred to as “Dutch Gin”. Which it is…sorta. It is the original gin, but it tastes more like a light malted wine-meets-whiskey than what we think of as modern day gin. Galliano is a sweet-ish digestif from Italy (aren’t they all?) that contains a couple different anise flavorings, some herbaceous notes, but most importantly, a nice big vanilla taste brought to you by vanillin, sugar, and glucose syrup. It’s bright yellow and strange and in a funny shaped bottle you’ve definitely seen and you should absolutely try it some time. Ok, so Cocchi Americano (we’re almost done nerding out, I promise)… it’s a fortified wine. Also known to the populace as vermouth. There’s more to that, there always is, but for our intent, think of it as a dry vermouth, but with a much more crisp and citrusy note to it. Also, it’s pronounced Cokey, not Coachey. Recognize. Crème de cacao is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a cocoa liquor. It tastes like chocolate. Duh. Bols Yoghurt liquor is even more like what it sounds than Crème de cacao. It’s um, it’s yogurt. But like, with booze in it.

Ok, so normally we talk about the components and the balance, and the etc., but we’ve taken up far too much of your precious time with the ingredients, so we’ll leave you with this: vanilla, citrus, yogurt. That’s the gist of the cocktail, and you can do the math on the delicious level on this bad boy.

“Freeway of Love (In a Golden Cadillac)”
.75 oz. Genever
.75 oz. Galliano
.75 oz. Cocchi Americano
.75 oz. Crème de cacao
Hand whipped cream (3 oz cream, 3 oz Bols Yoghurt 1.5 simple)

Add the Genever, Galliano, Crème de cacao, and Cocchi to your Mixing Glass and mix it all up. This is one of those fancy type cocktails where you stir instead of shake. Respect the stir. Top with your homemade whipped cream (complete with Yogurt! Respect the yogurt.) and heck, shave some nutmeg on top.

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