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Day 3! If you haven’t heard, Rocco’s Seattle has taken over our blog and instagram // today’s drink comes from Kevin Cluppert and it’s all kinds of goodLucky Seth Pepper //2 oz Mezcal (Chichicapa) / .75 oz Ramozzotti / .25 oz Strega / 2 dashes chocolate bitters / Mint (stirred in, strained off) / 3 drops saline solutionRead more and how-to on the blog // link in profile

All sorts of good things happening in this cocktail from Rocco’s Seattle Kevin Cluppert. If you aren’t familiar with mezcal, think of it as a smoky tequila. There is of course, soooo much more to be said about mezcal and it’s mysterious glory, but that’s the quick and dirty. On top of being smoky, mezcal tends to be a little more dry than tequila. This means it soaks up the flavors from its support liquors wonderfully. The first of those being Ramazzotti (say it out loud, it’s fun.). This is a slightly bitter liquor from Italy. While there is a lot going on in Ramazzotti, you will notice a sweet orange flavor shining through the noise. Next up is Strega. Also from Italy, Strega is slightly sweet with minty/coniferous notes. Strega is also slightly viscous, adding to a very cool mouth-feel in this cocktail. To pump up the minty notes, a little mint is thrown in the prep of this cocktail, but will be strained off. You know what goes with mint and oranges? Chocolate. Think about it. It does. Two dashes of chocolate bitters adds a perfect note of cocoa while also adding a balancing amount of complexity. Lastly, you’re going to get all sciencey with a few drops of saline solution. Not the stuff you clean your contacts out with. It’s a fancy schmacy way of saying salt water. You can easily use a dash of salt, but (professional tip alert!) bartenders like to use saline for a few reasons- one: its fast and clean, and two: it gives you a consistent measurement. Some pinches are larger than others, but a drop is pretty much a drop.

Lucky Seth Pepper
2 oz Mezcal (Chichicapa)
.75 oz Ramozzotti
.25 oz Strega
2 dashes chocolate bitters
Mint (stirred in, strained off)
3 drops saline solution

Nice and easy prep for this unique cocktail. Add all your ingredients to your mixing glass and spin around with some ice for thirty or forty revolutions. Strain into a coupe or other stemmed glass and serve up. Garnish with a big fluffy head of mint. Cheers!


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