Paris-inspired cocktails with JJ Goodman – He makes them really Good Man

Well, here’s a good idea. Take a city that is, by most regards, pretty swell (Paris). Then find the best bars in that city and give them a little write-up (The Six Coolest Cocktail Bars in Paris). THEN, make a bunch of cocktails inspired by the bars that are inspired by the city they reside in. And film it. Sort of a Cocktail Inception, if you will. A much more daunting task than I for one would generally take on (because I’m lazy), but if someone out there wants to throw me a couple bucks to do so…I will (begrudgingly) also go to multiple bars in Paris, come up with some drinks and look like a jackass on Youtube. Which is not to say that this man we’re about to reference looks like a jackass, only that the probability of me looking like a jackass is a ratio of 1:1…which is 100% for those of you with less than stellar mathematical skills.

So on that note, allow us to introduce a man who probably needs a way better introduction than what I just did…JJ Goodman. Goodman is the creator of the London Cocktail Club, and is, we’re assuming, a pretty good man (see what I did there?). At any rate, he’s the Leo DiCaprio of this Cocktail Inception idea. He took a piece by The Times (UK) called “The Six Coolest Bars in Paris” and then filmed himself making cocktails inspired by those bars (I guess that makes him the Christopher Nolan of Cocktail Inception as well).

Aside from me being ‘Merican and not knowing how many milliliters are in an ounce, I gotta respect Goodman’s cocktail game. I watched all of these videos and with a few changes for personal taste notwithstanding…I would drink all the drinks. Twice. Also…kidding about the milliliters to ounces conversion I tooootallllly know the answer…

Anyway, here’s his Baton Rouge. It looks dope.

The Baton Rouge is a Louisiana-inspired bar, so Goodman of course used Peychaud’s and cognac, two of New Orleans’ more staple ingredients, but in this case with a new twist- vermouth. I’m a big fan of cognac cocktails, vermouth cocktails, and bitters in general. Goodman managed to combine all three in one sexy drink.

The Bâton Rouge

1 dash Peychaud’s Bitters
1 dash Angostura bitters
20ml Sweet vermouth
20ml Xanté Liqueur
20ml VSOP cognac
20ml Gold rum

Garnish: 1 Lemon twist
Glass: Cocktail

I’ll only brag about one more, and let all y’all look up the rest at your leisure. This lil’ guy is inspired by The Mable. Which is a cool name. Apparently, in addition to tasty beverages, they also serve a pretty killer grilled cheese. Hmmm…bread and cheese in Paris? Why would anyone want that?! But I digress, which is a pretty bad habit of mine…

The ingredient that really piques my interest here is the pistachio syrup. I’m going to have to do a little research and development in my mouth and belly and get back to everyone with this morsel at a later date.

Tu seras un homme, mon fizz

30ml gin
20ml vermouth
15ml pistachio syrup
20ml lemon, lime
25ml egg white and
50ml fizzy water

Glass – short stem
Chased with a spiced egg yolk (tabasco and pepper)

And in case you doubted me earlier, it’s 30 ml to an ounce. Approximately. And no, I didn’t have to google that. I know things, alright?

To see all of JJ’s videos, inspired by The Six Coolest Cocktail Bars in Paris, click here.

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