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really big hat bourbon cocktail recipe

The Really Big Hat- from contributor and booze-science enthusiast Jason O’Bryan (@jobryan1206 instagram). He handles business at Kettner Exchange in the Little Italy neighborhood of San Diego. He also writes the cocktail blog If you like drinking, nerdery, and words (not necessarily in that order), you should read it. You will be supporting one man’s quest to imbibe for purely scientific reasons.

This particular cocktail is a play on the ol’ Brown Derby, a delicious drink in it’s own right, but O’Bryan tossed in Cynar for an added dimension. Cynar is a slightly bitter liquor from Italy distilled from artichokes. And no, it doesn’t taste like artichokes. Promise. We recommend drinking it frequently, for you know…science. The use of grapefruit soda adds some effervescence and O’Bryan wisely dials down the amount of honey syrup the original Brown Derby (Tha OG BD) uses in favor of the sweetness found in the soda. The combined efforts of the ingredients lead to a complex but juicy cocktail. When all is said and done, our only issue with this drink is its propensity to disappear down our gullet too fast.

Really Big Hat

2oz Bourbon
0.5oz lime juice
0.25oz honey syrup
0.5oz Cynar
3oz Ting or other Grapefruit Soda (we used Jarritos)

Add all the ingredients except the grapefruit soda into your shaker and shake baby shake. Add the grapefruit soda and strain into rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with grapefruit peel. Think scientifically while you quaf.

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