Sage Advice // Sander Raav // Rocco’s Seattle Takeover

This particular offering is the first in a series from Rocco’s in Seattle. You heard it here first (No idea where else you would have heard it, but that’s beside the point)- our account is being taken over by Rocco’s for the week. Why? Because we like Leroy, and their drinks are silly good. This first one is from Sander Raav (@sanderraav instagram) and it contains scotch, so you know it’s good. Not-so-little known fact, scotch goes really well with honey (ahem- Drambuie). I’m sure there’s science behind the reasoning, but for now, just trust us on that. Raav stretches this drink out with grapefruit juice that adds bitterness and complexity. We talk a lot about balance, and the addition of the sage garnish is the perfect acutrement to add an herbaceous and savory note.

Sage Advice
1.5 oz Johnnie Walker Double Black Scotch
1 oz Grapefruit juice
0.25 oz Honey Syrup
4 Sage leaves

For this drink, you’re gonna add everything at once to your shaker (minus the sage), and shakeshakeshake. Double strain over fresh ice into an old fashioned glass. Raav suggests adding a straw when you add the sage leaf garnish, but we found that bringing the sage closer to your nose piece adds to the overall bouquet.

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