Sherri Likes It // Taylor Starkey // Rocco’s Seattle Takeover

pineapple rum cocktail

This cocktail is called ‘Sherri Likes It’ and whoever Sherri is… we agree. This drink from Taylor Starkey (@thestarkey instagram) is the second in our series from beloved Belltown favorite, Rocco’s. As you well know, we kinda lose our minds any time there is shrub involved, and in this case the pineapple shrub makes us tingle all over. For those of you who may be scurred of the shrub, this is the one to start with. The pineapple juice and the simple syrup sweeten up this cocktail a touch, and the addition of the whole egg (for health reasons, obviously) adds a creamy texture that mellows out the vinegar notes of the shrub. And in case you were worried it was going to be a big ol’ sweet, creamy puff of nothing all up in your mouth, Starkey added firewater bitters to add depth and heat.

Sherri Likes It
1.5oz Plantation Dark Rum
.75oz Pineapple Juice
.75oz Pineapple Shrub
.5oz Simple Syrup
1 whole egg
2 dashes Firewater Bitters

So for this drink, we’re going to add all our ingredients to our shaker. We recommend cracking the egg into the other side of the shaker, in case you get some shell or something. You’re going to do the whole dry shake thing we’ve discussed before- shake the living bejesus out of your drink WITHOUT ice. The longer and harder you shake, the more frothy and the longer lasting the froth will be on your cocktail. Next add a healthy scoop of ice and shake again. Strain and serve up. Remember to thank Sherri next time you see her.

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