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Siamese Fireback // Jason O’Bryan // Kettner Exchange, San Diego

siamese fireback cocktail recipe by jason o'bryan

If the category is Things ‘That Are Delicious’ you could easily answer the Daily Double with “What is a Margarita?” And Trebek would be super proud of you. Because Margaritas are delicious, and everyone knows it. The thing is, just like a daiquiri (which is basically the rum version of a margarita), it’s a beautiful drink in its simplicity, and it’s a beautiful thing in that it also allows expansion. Think about it, are strawberry margaritas delicious? Yup. What about mango daiquiris? Um, duh. This is the basic premise Jason O’Bryan (@jobryan1206 instagram) takes with the Siamese Fireback. He takes the classic margarita (tequila, lime, Cointreau, agave, salt) and adds just enough twist to make it different, without taking away any of the essentials that make this cocktail So. Damn. Tasty. Hibiscus margarita? Yeah, sign us up twice. The thing about that drink though, is that you’re bordering on an overly sweet cocktail, and if you’ve ever read anything we’ve ever written about anything, you would know that ‘overly sweet’ is not something we eschew. No, no, dear friends…we are all about balance. Think about it- if the Karate Kid had only learned “Wax on, wax off”, there is no freakin’ way he would have ever been able to pull off the crane kick when it mattered. He would have toppled over like some punk dressed up like a skeleton feeling the wrath of a Mr. Miyagi spin kick to face. Nope. He needed to learn wax on, and he needed to learn how to paint the fence. Gotta have balance. And just like Daniel-san, every cocktail needs more than one trick up it’s sleeve. Herein lies the money move by O’Bryan… Thai chilies. Johnny and the rest of the Cobra Kai never even see this coming. O’Bryan takes a cocktail that borders on being overly sweet and hits it with just enough chili spice to… you guessed it… balance everything out. And rather than doing something silly like using habañeros or another chili high on the Scoville scale, the Thai chilies have just enough heat to remind you they’re there, but not enough to bring any pain into the dojo.

Siamese Fireback
2oz Thai-chili-infused Silver Tequila*
0.5oz Agave Nectar
0.5oz Fruitlab Hibiscus liqueur
0.25oz Cointreau
0.75oz Lime Juice

Take all these ingredients, add them to your shaker and make like Sensei Kreese- shake with no mercy. Then strain into a salt-rimmed double rocks glass, and garnish with a lime wheel. Don’t forget to sweep the leg.

*Making infusions isn’t hard. For this particular drink, we cut up a handful of the chilies and let it sit in the tequila for a time we deemed amazing. Rather than give you any specific time, we encourage you to do your own experiments. The differences in chili heat, weather, elevation, tequila, etc., are too many variables for us to comfortably tell you when is right. Plus, you make like yours hotter than us…we’re pretty wimpy. And lastly- it gives you the excuse to constantly be testing tequila. You know, for science.

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