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Snakeskin Cowboy // Kevin Dowell // The 86 Company

snakeskin cowboy tequila recipe

Sometimes you need to drink some tequila. And by “sometimes”, we mean “just about all the time”. In order to maintain some semblance of propriety, we recommend making this cocktail, rather than just chugging out of the bottle. This delicious little guy comes from Kevin Dowell (@spookymookie instagram), former bartender, current member of The 86 Company, and all around swell guy. He lives in San Francisco, but if you ask really nice, he’ll come make it for you. That last part may be a lie. Sorry.

Anyway, this cocktail takes some classic south of the border favorite combos (tequila and lime anyone? Cucumber and salt…so delicious!) and adds a little dose of Italian. There is a lot going on in this drink, so we suggest you make several of these and ruminate on the flavor profiles you pick up in each one.

You’re also going to need some orgeat (pronounced Orr-zh-ahhhhh-t. Weird. We know.).  Orgeat is more or less almond syrup. Why it isn’t just called almond syrup is a mystery for another day. We strongly recommend doing one of two things: buying orgeat from Small Hand Foods or making your own. Orgeat isn’t incredibly hard to make, but it does require some time, some slightly random ingredients, and it’s messy. For the time being, we’re going to assume you played it safe and purchased some. One additional note on these ingredients- we’ve discussed Cynar earlier, but in caser you were doing something else that day, here’s the brief recap: Cynar is a slightly bitter liquor from Italy distilled from artichokes. And no, it doesn’t taste like artichokes. Promise. We recommend drinking it frequently, for you know…science.

So here’s what you’re gonna do, take these things:

Snakeskin Cowboy
2 oz Tequila Cabeza
.75 oz Lime
.75 oz Orgeat
.5 oz Cynar
Pinch of Salt
5 thin cucumber slices

Put them in your tin (that’s what the cool kids call the metal shaker.) and shake vigorously. Like, seriously vigorously. You want to beat up that cucumber pretty good. Otherwise you have to pre-muddle, and that’s for suckers. Double strain (That’s another industry term, where you use two strainers- the spring loaded Hawthorn strainer on your tin, poured over a fine mesh strainer, and then into the glass.  It’s fancy.) into a Nick and Nora glass (That’s a stemmed Coupe Glass.  Now you know.) and garnish with 2 additional cucumber slices.

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    love this one, good work Kevin!

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