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“The Old Gods and the New.” // Brian Prugalidad // Polite Provisions

From the guy who once made a drink called “Hodor”, and listed the ingredients as “hodorhodorhodor”, contributor Brian Prugalidad (@hoyboss instagram) of Polite Provisions and Bracero, takes his Game one step closer to winter with ‘The Old Gods and the New’. And if his nerd game wasn’t already tight enough, he went ahead and used Green Chartreuse as his base spirit. Green Chartreuse! For those of you not yet in to the supreme nerdery of cocktails, Green Chartreuse just might be one of the nerdiest ingredients in the arsenal. It’s made by monks. In France. In secret phases so no one can ever steal the recipe. The recipe that reportedly contains more than one hundred and thirty different ingredients. Should we go on? Oh, also- they named a color after it. For reals yo. Super, super nerd stuff. So Chartreuse, with all its botanicals and whatnot, tastes slightly sweet, slightly spicy, a tiny bit boozy, and completely amazing. Notes of honey and heather dominate the front palate, with herbaceous hints of black pepper to finish it off.

Ok, so on to the second ingredient… Aperol. It’s like diet Campari. But…without the lack of sugar, calories, and fat content. It is quite a bit less bitter than it’s cousin. Heck, it’s even less red. It has more citric notes than Campari does, which start to bite into the cloying sweetness of Chartreuse to add a little bit of balance. It’s considered an aperitif in Italy, and it tastes pretty damn good. So go ahead and be ok with drinking it before dinner. Or lunch. Maybe not before breakfast, but we don’t judge.

Speaking of breakfast, we should have eggs. Or maybe just the whites. We’re suuuper healthy. Contrary to popular belief, egg whites in a cocktail do not make the drink taste like eggs. They make cocktails taste like foamy little dreams. They do tend to smooth out the edges of a drink, which is why Prugalidad ups the usual amount of lemon juice to a full ounce. He also adds two dashes of peach bitters, which are just delicious. We don’t have anything nerdy to say about them.

“The Old Gods and the New.”

3/4 oz. Green Chartreuse
3/4 oz. Aperol
1 oz. lemon
3/4 oz. simple
2 dashes peach bitters
Egg white

Ok- for this drink, we’re doing a dry shake. Put all your ingredients in your Shaker Tins (be careful crackin’ them eggs… you don’t want any shells.), make sure your seal is TIGHT, and shake the until Bran falls off a tower (too soon?). Now add ice and shake until winter comes, strain it out and drink until the North can’t remember. Just kidding, be responsible and stuff.

Also… Mother of Dragons. Nothing to do with anything we’ve talked about, but we feel we would be remiss if we nerded out on Game of Thrones and didn’t at least mention Daenerys Targaryen.

**image via @imefren

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