The Roman Pipeline // Christian Siglin // Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant

roman pipeline rum cocktail Tiki cocktails aren’t usually considered complex. Rum, sugar, juice…go! And there is nothing wrong with that. We’ve been known to “sample” our fair share of recipes, no doubt about it. This particular recipe takes the traditional concept of a tiki cocktail and adds some serious dimension. Christian Siglin (@daskid instagram) holds court at Banker’s Hill Bar and Grill. He’s also tall and super dreamy. His drink The Roman Pipeline will require some foreplanning, but trust us when we tell you it’s worth it. A few days before you decide to try this humdinger, you’re going to want to dice up some passionfruit and toss it in some Campari. Campari is bitter. It is delicious, it is from Italy, and it is quite red. The addition of the passionfuit adds a sweet and juicy profile. Ok- now that you have that, lets talk orgeat. We’ve mentioned it before, but in case you’re too lazy to hit the back button on your browser, here is the recap: You’re also going to need some orgeat (pronounced Orr-zh-ahhhhh-t. Weird. We know.). Orgeat is more or less almond syrup. Why it isn’t just called almond syrup is a mystery for another day. We strongly recommend doing one of two things: buying orgeat from Small Hand Foods or making your own. Orgeat isn’t incredibly hard to make, but it does require some time, some slightly random ingredients, and it’s messy. For the time being, we’re going to assume you played it safe and purchased some. Ok- so flash forward a few days, your Campari is ready to go. Put everything in your shaker with about an ounce of crushed ice. You’re going to “whip it”. Whip it good. Basically, you shake the heck out of it until you can’t hear the ice any more. Now you dump everything into your glass on top of some fresh new crushed ice. Garnish with a pineapple chunk.  Heck, add a tropical umbrella. Treat yourself.

The Roman Pipeline

1.5 oz Rum
0.5 oz Passion Fruit Infused Campari
1 oz Fresh Pineapple juice
0.5 Fresh Lemon juice
0.5 Orgeat

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