The Younger Fashioned // Brian Prugalidad // Banker’s Hill Bar & Restaurant and Polite Provisions

younger fashioned craft cocktail recipe brian prugalidad

So it’s like an Old Fashioned. Except, not at all. Contributor and wedding bartender favorite Brian Prugalidad (@hoyboss instagram) from Banker’s Hill Bar and Restaurant and Polite Provisions ditches the whiskey in favor of one of our favorite American gins… Aviation. He also substitutes the traditional Angostura bitters for peach bitters and the sugar for the sweetness found in the lavender liquor and Cocchi Americano. So what makes it like an Old Fashioned? Uhh, it’s delicious. Duh. Aviation is a complex gin with some softer botanicals that waltz with the lavender liquor. The peach bitters and the Cocchi Americano add a brightness that one doesn’t normally get to experience in a “direct” drink like this.

Wait, what is a “direct” drink you ask? Glad you segued perfectly into preparation- good move. A “direct” drink (also referred to as “spirit forward”) is one that showcases the base liquor without a bunch of ancillary ingredients. The classic recipe for a cocktail is simply spirit, sugar, water, and bitters. In this drink, the spirit is the Aviation, the sugar is the lavender liquor and the Americano, the bitters is the peach bitters (weird), and the water is the dilution from the ice cubes you’re stirring the cocktail with. So put everything except the zest in a sexy mixing glass fill it approximately 9/16ths of the way up with ice and stir ohhhh, 31 times. Give or take. Strain it out over a big ol’ cube and express (that means squeeze) the lemon peel over the drink, about a fist’s length away from the cocktail. Then drink it. You will feel younger and fashioned and the same time. Magic.

The Younger Fashioned
1.5 oz Aviation Gin
.75 oz Cocktails Come True Lavender Liqueur
.75 oz Cocchi Americano
2 dashes Peach Bitters
Lemon Zest

Add all ingredients into your stirring vessel and fill with ice about ¾ to the top. Stir 30-40 times, strain out into an old fashioned glass over new ice. Zest lemon and express the peel over the drink.

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