Watermelon Dream // Amy Laird // Polite Provisions

Ah summer. Lazy days by the pool, kicking back, having some laughs with your peeps, throwing down a handful of raspberries now and then, maybe slicing up a cucumber, pinching some salt. You know, the usual. In this here cocktail, Amy Laird (@sassyjaqui instagram) of Polite Provisions takes all things summer and throws them all in one glass, adds bubbles, and serves you up a refreshing glass of “Ahhhhhh”. The cool thing about gin that people tend to forget, is that it’s made with all sorts of different botanicals so not only does it compliment herbs, it compliments fruits and vegetables nicely as well. Here, Laird makes a simple raspberry syrup rather than using fresh raspberries. You can do either, but raspberries don’t keep very long, so making a syrup makes sense if you aren’t going to eat (read: drink) all of them in one or two sittings.

So you’ve got the sweet-tart combo from the raspberry syrup, let’s throw in some cucumber eh? So crisp and light, cucumbers are a great ancillary ingredient when you need to brighten up a drink a little, but don’t want to be too heavy-handed with your taste profile. With just about any light and refreshing cocktail, you’re gonna need some citrus to hold it all together. We haven’t touched on balance in a while, but using lime juice in this cocktail is absolutely essential for keeping the drink in balance. The money move here is the pinch of salt that ties the entire drink together. If you’ve never put salt on your cucumber before, you won’t understand. Also- stop reading and go do that. You¹re missing out on one of nature¹s happy accidents.

Watermelon Dream
2oz Gin
3/4oz lime
3/4oz raspberry syrup
pinch of salt
muddled cucumber
topped with soda
Garnished with cucumber

First things first- muddle up some cucumber slices (there’s no need to peel, but you certainly want to slice- muddling a whole cucumber is a daunting task). Probably three to five, depending on thickness and your love for green veggies. Now add the rest of the ingredients except the soda water. Order doesn’t matter, but we like to sprinkle the salt in last as a little fairy dust. We’re weird. Ok- shakey, shakey, shake. Throw in a little soda water in to your Shaker Tins and strain over fresh ice. Garnish with a cucumber and hope winter never arrives.

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